United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit
Local Rules & Internal Operating Procedures
April 8, 2015
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Local Rule 3(a). Filing and Docket Fees.
Upon filing a notice of appeal, appellant shall pay the clerk of the district court a fee of $505, which includes a $5 filing fee for the notice of appeal and a $500 fee for docketing the appeal in this Court.
Local Rule 3(b). Docketing Statement.
To assist counsel in giving prompt attention to the substance of an appeal, to help reduce the ordering of unnecessary transcripts, to provide the Clerk of the Court of Appeals at the commencement of an appeal with the information needed for effective case management, and to provide necessary information for any mediation conference conducted under Local Rule 33, counsel filing a notice of appeal, petition for review, or application for enforcement for any direct or cross-appeal must complete a docketing statement (form available at www.ca4.uscourts.gov) and file it with the Clerk of the Court of Appeals within 14 days of docketing of the appeal. A copy of the docketing statement must be served on the opposing party or parties.
The docketing statement shall have attached to it any transcript order.
Although a party will not be precluded from raising additional issues, counsel should make every effort to include in the docketing statement all of the issues that will be presented to the Court. Failure to file the docketing statement within the time set forth above will cause the Court to initiate the process for dismissing a case under Local Rule 45.
If an opposing party concludes that the docketing statement is in any way inaccurate, incomplete, or misleading, the Clerk's Office should be informed in writing of any errors and any proposed additions or corrections within 10 days of service of the docketing statement, with copies to all other parties.
I.O.P.-3.1. Transmission of District Court Order.
The clerk of the district court shall transmit to the Clerk of the Court of Appeals a copy of the order appealed from, along with copies of the materials required by FRAP 3(d)(1).