eFiling (CM/ECF)


The judiciary's Case Management/Electronic Case Files system (CM/ECF) enables counsel to file documents electronically over the Internet 24 hours a day. Documents are available online as soon as they are filed and are served electronically on counsel in the case. Use of CM/ECF in the Fourth Circuit is governed by Local Rule 25(a).

Fourth Circuit Attorneys

All documents are filed only in electronic form with the following exceptions:

  • Briefs and appendices must be filed in both electronic and paper form.
  • New cases (petitions for review, mandamus, or permission to appeal) are uploaded through the "Submit New Case" utility in CM/ECF or filed in paper form.
  • CJA and other financial vouchers are filed in paper form only.
  • Completed PDF fillable forms must be locked or "flattened" prior to filing in CM/ECF.  This prevents further editing of form information and  ensures that form information can be viewed on all devices. Read How to Flatten PDF Forms.

Fourth Circuit Pro Se Litigants:

All documents are filed in paper form unless the pro se litigant moves for and is granted leave to file through CM/ECF.