Submit New Case

Counsel may electronically submit case-initiating documents for petitions for review, petitions for enforcement of an agency order, petitions for writ of mandamus, petitions for permission to appeal and motions for authorization to file a successive §2254 or §2255 petition.  Filers remain responsible for service of case-initiating documents.

If a fee is required, it may be paid by credit card when the documents are submitted. A filing fee is not required for Motions for Authorization to File Successive Applications Under 28 U.S.C. §2244, Petition for Permission to Appeal under FRAP Rule 5 or for a case in which the appellant will be filing an Application to Proceed In Forma Pauperis. Use the "Submit New Case Without Fee" option to submit these cases to the court.

If your submission is an emergency matter or you are seeking immediate relief, please contact the clerk's office at 804-916-2700 to ensure your matter is handled expeditiously.

Case-Initiating Document Submission Instructions

  1. Turn off pop-up blockers in your browser.
  2. Log in to CM/ECF.
  3. Once the CM/ECF Startup Page appears, select Utilities.
  4. Select Submit New Case.
  5. Select Submit New Case with Fee or Submit New Case without Fee, as appropriate.
  6. The Submit New Case window will appear.
  7. Read the instructional text.
  8. Select Browse.
  9. The Select PDF document dialog box will appear.
  10. Locate and select the the PDF file containing the case-initiating document(s).
  11. Select Open.
  12. The file path will appear in the Document text box.
  13. Enter a description of the document.
  14. If you have additional related documents to upload, select Browse again.  You must upload a certificate of service reflecting service on opposing counsel other than through CM/ECF, since the "Submit New Case" utility does not effect service.
  15. Once all documents have been uploaded, select PayFee and Submit OR  Submit.  If you do not need to submit payment, skip the remaining steps. NOTE: If your pop-up blockers are turned on, the next screen will not appear. You will have to cancel and start over once you have turned off your browser pop-up blockers.
  16. Submit New Case

  17. The Manage My Account window will open in PACER (Note:  You may be required to enter your PACER password before this screen appears).
  18. Review the payment amount and Select a Payment Method.
  19. Select Next.
  20. Manage My Account

  21. Complete the Court Specific information
  22. Enter your email address for an email confirmation of the payment if it's not already populated.
  23. Check the Authorization box.
  24. Select Submit.
  25. Court Informatino

  26. The System will process your request.
  27. The Payment Successful window will appear.  NOTE:  Only click Submit if you are not redirected to CM/ECF.
  28. The redirect page will return to CM/ECF and provide the receipt.  Select Print to print the receipt.