FAQs - Statistics

Q. How many cases are filed with this court? 

The court receives about 5,000 new cases each year.  More information about the court's caseload can be found here:  Statistics

Q. How many cases does the court schedule for oral argument? 

The Court hears oral argument in about 450 cases each year.  

Q. How often does the Court grant rehearing en banc?

Under Federal Rule of Appellate Procedure 35(b), a petition for rehearing en banc must begin with a statement that either (1) the panel decision conflicts with a decision of the U.S. Supreme Court or the Fourth Circuit; or (2) the proceeding involves a question of exceptional importance (for example it conflicts with authoritative decisions of other circuits). The Court grants rehearing en banc in approximately 0.2% of the cases in which it is requested.

Q. What percentage of opinions does the court publish?

The court publishes opinions in about 50% of cases heard at oral argument. The court issues unpublished opinions in all cases submitted on the briefs. Overall, approximately 89% of the court's opinions are unpublished.