Government & CJA Rates

CJA counsel are eligible for reduced government travel rates pursuant to Section 702 of the Federal Courts Administration Act of 1992, Public Law 102, 572, 106 Stat. 4506.

CJA eVoucher Travel Authorization

CJA counsel should request prior authorization of overnight travel for client visits by submitting a Travel Voucher for approval through CJA eVoucher.  Prior authorization through CJA eVoucher of travel for oral argument is required only if counsel is making train or plane reservations through National Travel Service.

Train and Plane Reservations

If traveling by train or commercial airline, CJA counsel should submit a Travel Voucher through CJA eVoucher identifying the travel dates and destination.  Counsel should base their estimated airline cost on the GSA City-Pair Government Coach Airfares (Refer to YCA rate).  Upon the court’s approval of the Travel Voucher through CJA eVoucher, notification is sent to counsel and the National Travel Service (NTS) that the travel is authorized.  Counsel should then contact NTS (800-445-0668) to make coach-class reservations at the government rate.  The court makes payment directly to the carrier after verifying that counsel used the reservation.  CJA counsel may also make their own plane or train reservations but reimbursement will be limited to the YCA rate shown on GSA City-Pair Government Coach Airfares.

GSA Per Diem Rates

Counsel should request GSA Per Diem Rates when making hotel reservations. Subsistence expenses will normally be reimbursed within federal per diem limitations.  Detailed lodging and meal receipts must accompany counsel’s voucher submitted through CJA eVoucher at the close of the representation.

GSA Mileage Rates

Automobile mileage expenses may be claimed by entering the date, destination, and number of miles traveled when filing counsel’s final voucher in CJA eVoucher. The software automatically applies the correct mileage rate using the GSA Mileage Reimbursement Rates.

For complete information on CJA payments, see CJA Payment Memorandum and Capital Budgeting and Payment Memorandum.