Case Notifications

Follow Fourth Circuit cases using any of the tools below. ECF Notice for Cases of Interest is available through the Utilities Menu in the ECF filing system.  For other notifications, simply subscribe below for email updates or an RSS feed. 

ECF Notice for Cases of Interest

ECF filers and any member of the public who has registered for a “public interested party” account in the ECF filing system can utilize the Notice for Cases of Interest utility in CM/ECF to request notice of filings in any case they wish to follow.

Cases of Interest—Fourth Circuit News and Announcements

Register to receive public advisories, court orders and opinions, and oral argument audio files from the Fourth Circuit in high profile cases.

Daily Opinions and Published Opinions

Register to receive the court’s list of daily opinions or only published opinions. 

Oral Argument Calendars

Register to receive the court’s oral argument calendar, issued about six weeks before argument, along with any updates.

Remote Oral Arguments

Register to receive notification of calendared remote oral arguments.

Oral Argument Audio

Register to receive oral argument audio links the day after oral argument.