ECF Notice for Cases of Interest

Appellate CM/ECF allows any registered user to request notice of filings made in any case. In order to request notice in cases of interest, the following items are required:

PACER account
4th Circuit CM/ECF User Account

NOTE: With the exception of Court orders and opinions, electronic documents filed in immigration cases and social security cases cannot be accessed by members of the public via PACER. You may request notice of activity in social security, immigration and railroad retirement board cases, but you will only be able to view Court orders, opinions and judgments.

Once you have a PACER account and a CM/ECF account with the Fourth Circuit, follow the steps below to sign up for notice in a case or cases.

  • Log into CM/ECF 

    1. Select Utilities from the menu bar.
    2. Select Notice for Cases of Interest.

    notice for cases of interest

    3. The Notice for Cases of Interest screen will appear.
    4. The e-mail address automatically appears.  If you have more than one email address, only one email address may be selected for notice in cases of interest.
    5. Select the frequency to receive notices.
    6. Enter the appellate case number.  Click Add.
    7. The case number and title will appear in the Selected box.
    8. Click Save.
    9. To remove a case, simply click the red X.

    Add case to notice