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NextGen CM/ECF

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals upgraded its CM/ECF system to the Next Generation of CM/ECF ("Next Gen") on November 13, 2017. The NextGen system requires use of an upgraded PACER account (one obtained or upgraded after August 10, 2014).  If you are unsure when your PACER account was created, visit PACER’s Manage My Account page to determine your PACER “Account Type." 

Registration Wizard

If you have not used the NextGen filing system in the Fourth Circuit, use the Registration Wizard to obtain or upgrade your filing privileges.  Select the Registration Wizard’s “E-File and/or Attorney Admissions” option for: Attorney Filing, Non-Attorney Filing, Submitting Bar Applications, Paying Fees, or Receiving Notices in Cases of Interest as a Public Interested Party.

Filing Privileges: An individual PACER account is required to obtain filing privileges at the Fourth Circuit. With an upgraded PACER account, you can request filing privileges at the Fourth Circuit and any other NextGen courts (see Upgrade a Pacer Account Instructions). Each court must separately approve and activate your filing privileges, but the same PACER login and password are used for all NextGen courts in which you register.  

Court Approval Process & Required Steps

Once the court receives your registration, your account will be activated within 24 hours. You will receive an automated email from the PACER Service Center indicating that your filing account is active. 

The court requires counsel to have filing privileges activated before entering their appearance in a case. Counsel may authorize an agent, such as a paralegal, secretary, or co-counsel, to use counsel's login and password to file documents electronically on counsel's behalf.  Those assisting counsel with electronic filing should familiarize themselves with the court's CM/ECF procedures. For consolidated billing information, see below.

  • Bar Members

    If you are a member in good standing of the Fourth Circuit Bar, you will be able to file documents via CM/ECF immediately.  

    • Non-Bar Members

      If you are not yet a member of the Fourth Circuit Bar, your account will be activated for the purpose of submitting your Application for Admission to the Bar and paying fees. Applications for admission must be submitted using the PACER account of the individual seeking admission. Once your application has been approved, your account will be activated for electronic filing.

    • Pro Se Filers

      To qualify as a pro se electronic filer, a pro se litigant must obtain a PACER account and request filing privileges with the Fourth Circuit. Register for a non-attorney e-file account through the PACER Service Center at

    • Public Interested Parties

      Persons wishing to pay copy fees by credit card or register to receive notices of docket activity in cases of interest should register for a non-attorney e-file account as a "public interested party." They will receive an automated email from the PACER Service Center when their account has been activated. They can use the Utilities Menu to pay copy fees or register for notice in cases of interest.

    • Registration For Viewing Case Documents and Electronic Notice of Filings

    PACER Administrative Accounts - Firm Billing

    In the NextGen system, all users are required to have their own PACER account. Organizations that wish to consolidate billing and receive one invoice for charges associated with multiple PACER accounts can register for a PACER Administrative Account ("PAA").  All questions regarding PAA accounts should be directed to the PACER Service Center at (800) 676-6856.

PACER Help Desk

Contact the PACER Help Desk for all account-related questions.

  • 800-676-6856 (M-F, 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. CST)