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Judge Roger L. Gregory Awarded the 2024 Jefferson Foundation Medal in Law

March 28, 2024

On March 27, 2024, the University of Virginia announced the Honorable Roger L. Gregory as the 2024 recipient of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal in Law. 

“The award is the highest honor the foundation and the University bestow upon individuals whose lives and work make a lasting impact in fields in which Jefferson, the University’s founder, excelled,” per UVA Today. “I am delighted to honor this year’s Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal recipients, who each exemplify the spirit of innovation and commitment to lifelong learning that marked Jefferson’s life,” UVA President Jim Ryan said.

Judge Gregory is scheduled to speak about his life and career on April 11 at the School of Law’s Caplin Pavilion, and the medal will be presented on April 12. 

UVA School of Law Announcement: Appellate Judge to Receive Jefferson Medal in Law

A list of previous recipients is available at