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Update - Judiciary Operating on Limited Funds During Shutdown

January 24, 2019

The Judiciary now estimates sustaining funded operations through January 31, 2019, and is exploring further conservation of funds to sustain paid operations through February 1, 2019. No further extensions beyond February 1 will be possible. See

If existing funds run out and new appropriated funds do not become available, the Judiciary will operate under the terms of the Anti-Deficiency Act, which permits mission critical work during a lapse in appropriations. This includes activities to support the exercise of the courts’ constitutional powers under Article III, specifically the resolution of cases and related services.

The Fourth Circuit will continue to docket new cases, receive documents for filing, determine motions, hear oral argument, and decide cases on submission for the duration of the appropriations lapse.

Filing deadlines remain in effect as scheduled unless the court grants a motion to suspend or extend the deadline. Cases scheduled to be heard during this period will go forward unless the panel for a case directs otherwise.

The court will continue to appoint counsel on appeal and will process vouchers submitted by counsel for payment once an appropriation is in place.