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May 3-5, 2023, Richmond Argument Session

April 20, 2023

The court will hear in-person oral arguments on May 3-5, 2023, at the Powell Courthouse in Richmond, Virginia. Entry by persons diagnosed with or exposed to COVID-19 who have not completed the recommended period of isolation, and by persons experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, is prohibited. Counsel unable to argue in person for that reason should file a motion for oral argument by videoconference. Masks are not required in the Courthouse unless the CDC’s reported Community Level for Richmond is “High.” See COVID-19 by County for Community Levels. If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 within 5 days after appearing for argument, please notify pat_connor@ca4.uscourts.govCOVID-19 Building Requirements

An audio live-stream will be available for all oral arguments from Listen links provided on each page of the oral argument calendar.

The oral argument calendar will be updated at 8:00 a.m. each day with the identity of the oral argument panels.